Compliance with safety standards, safety and energy efficiency

Compliance with safety standards, safety and energy efficiency: checks / certifications / regularisations to prevent or remedy "risks" in the purchase.
When buying a dwelling house it is important – as early as the conclusion of the preliminary contract - to make the seller deliver the certificates certifying:

- the suitability of the building to be inhabited (i.e. its compliance with Italian / European safety, hygiene and health regulations) - all the more so because in the light of recent regulations, its possibility of being resold may be jeopardized
- its characteristics in terms of safety and "sustainability" from the energy viewpoint (unfortunately there is news reporting cases of explosions of buildings with severe human losses, deaths due to gas or carbon monoxide poisoning, severe domestic accidents largely caused by defects in the gas system or in the domestic or condominium electrical panel)
In fact, the purchaser must be aware of what he/she is buying and hence of the need to make adjustments of fundamental importance, which he or she can choose to make personally, but asking for a reasonable reduction in the selling price.

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