Mortgage and land registry checks on the real estate

Mortgage and land registry checks on the real estate: checks / certifications / regularisations to prevent or remedy "risks" in the purchase:
in his capacity as Public Official, the Notary Public may issue to the purchaser a certification stating that

- there is continuity of registration for a twenty-year period – that is to say that the transferor is the actual owner of the real estate to be transferred, thus protecting the buyer even in the case of real estate falling within donations or inheritance

- in the case of seller / entrepreneur, the assignor has no bankruptcy procedures in progress

- the land registry data is suitable to unequivocally identify the real estate being transferred

- there is compliance with land registry regulations (which is very different from compliance with zoning and town planning regulations – in fact, paradoxically there may be illegal real estate which, however, is entered into the land registry)

- the real estate is not burdened by liens and encumbrances (mortgages, foreclosures, seizures, writs of summons).


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